Painting Exhibitions 

      One Person Shows

      2004      Cardozo School of Law, New York
      1997      The Slifka Center, Yale University, New Haven
      1995      The Joseph Gallery,  Hebrew Union College, New York
      1990      Bess Cutler Gallery, New York

     Group Shows

      2015-6   Envisioning Evil, Hebrew Union College, New York  
      2013       CMPS, New York
      2013       Faber Birren National Color Award Show, Stamford, Conn.
      2008      Envisioning Maps, Hebrew Union College, New York                                                             
      2007      IPTAR, New York
      2002      Jay Grimm Gallery, New York
      2001       Jay Grimm Gallery, New York
      2000      Bank Street College of Education, New York
      1991       New York Studio School
      1990      Pleiades Gallery, New York
      1989      New York Studio School
      1989      Pleiades Gallery

     Art Bibliography

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     Art Publications
     Paintings reproduced on Book Covers

      2014       Irwin Hirsch's In the Interpersonal Tradition, Routledge
      2014       Sophia Richman's Mended by the Muse, Routledge
      2011       Geoffrey Hartman's The Third Pillar, University of Pennsylvania Press
      2011       David Newman's Talking with Doctors, 2nd Edition, Keynote Books
      2008       Irwin Hirsh's Coasting in the Countertransference, Analytic Press
      2005       David Newman's Talking with Doctors, Analytic Press
      1999       James Hartman's Puritan Tales, Johns Hopkins University Press
      1996       Geoffrey Hartman's The Longest Shadow, Indiana University Press
      1996       Lewis Aron's A Meeting of Minds, Analytic Press